Jeremy Renner is the leading man for King of Heists

Posted by: Zack Bruce

I can’t wait to see where Jeremy Renner’s career goes. He was around for awhile then hit it big with THE HURT LOCKER. Renner has some great range. The only thing I have yet to see him in is a comedy. I’m sure he would excel at that too.

It will be interesting to see him in the role of Hawkeye for THE AVENGERS. Renner’s been leaning more towards action roles than anything else. His next role in KING OF HEISTS will take him to a place that he’s familiar with. The film will be adapted from the non-fiction book by J. North Conway. Renner will play George Leslie, who came to New York appearing to be a mannered gent, but secretly put together a crew and masterminded a heist of nearly $3 million in cash and securities from the Manhattan Savings Institution in 1878.

Unfamiliar Will Staples will write the script. I love a good heist story and Renner will be great in the role.

Jeremy Renner

Source: Deadline

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