Jerry Seinfeld spoofs his TV show in the extended Acura Super Bowl commercial

Jerry Seinfeld Acura Super Bowl Commercial

As far as Super Bowl commercials for upcoming movies, it’s a little dry.  In fact, the two best commercials have been for Honda (with Matthew Broderick reprising his Ferris Bueller character) and now Acura, featuring Jerry Seinfeld trying to be the first person to purchase the new Acura NSX.  It’s a fun commercial, but if you’re not a Seinfeld fan, you probably won’t appreciate it.  It’s obviously great to have Seinfeld in an extended commercial, but it’s also great that Acura is bringing back the NSX.  In its day (the early 90’s), I always thought the NSX was one of the nicest looking luxury sports cars on the market.  I’m guessing this time around you’ll have to have Seinfeld-like money to be able to afford one.

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