Jesse James and Michelle "Bombshell" McGee are a disgrace to Sandra Bullock

By: Brad Sturdivant

I typically try to avoid reading tabloid gossip.  First, it’s usually amateurish drivel designed to sell magazines and has no real relevance to society.  Second, I think it’s important to separate an actor’s off camera life from their work on camera.  To be honest, I don’t care what anyone does in their spare time, I’m going to judge an actor or an actress based off their body of work and how much I like their last film.  But I find the current situation with Sandra Bullock to be disheartening on many levels and even though I’m sure Sandy will pull through this  unscathed, you can’t help but feel bad for her.

Sandra Bullock

Bullock, more than most actresses, has endeared herself to American audiences over the years.  Many of us fell in love with her in the low-budget rom-com LOVE POTION #9, but those that didn’t catch that gem noticed her in SPEED.  She’s credited with making the token female lead in action movies more than just a wasted character.  SPEED 2 aside, she went on a string of rom-coms, playing the hapless, average woman that was just looking for love while trying to live a normal life.  American females love her bubbly personality and her charm and have made her one of the most successful actresses of our generation.

Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side

Despite the success, Bullock was never happy as a rom-com queen and managed to break out and do more dramatic films like CRASH.  But her career was validated with THE BLIND SIDE, for which she won an Oscar.  After a couple of years out of A-list status, Sandy was back and finally had the recognition she deserved.  America shared in her success and movie fans were happy to see her win the award.  Heck, even I liked her more after her wonderfully sweet acceptance speech.  It’s rare for an actress to be so humble and that’s one of the many reasons we love her so much.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

So watching her life unravel because she married white trash is very depressing for her fans.  Elin Nordegren didn’t get the same kind of sympathy because, frankly, we didn’t know or like her.  Plus, as Tiger’s mistresses started piling up, it became a bit of a freak show and we didn’t care about anyone involved.  But with Bullock and Jesse James, it almost feels like a family member is being disgraced.  And the way the media and especially Michelle McGee are milking this for all it’s worth is shameful on so many levels.  It’s a testament to Sandra Bullock’s star power that we feel this way about her.  I doubt we’d care so much if this happened to Julia Roberts.  But it has gotten so bad, some are wondering if Bullock is going to be able to recover from this public humiliation.

Sandra Bullock

My answer to that is; yes.  Bullock will be fine.  She’ll eventually address the media and in a self deprecating, slightly humorous, yet still sad speech, she will remind everyone why we like her so much.  Then she’ll do another movie that everyone will see and we’ll eventually forget about this.  Because she knows, just like Tiger Woods knows, that the best way to get people to stop talking about your personal life is to achieve more professional success.

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