Jessica Biel Engaged

Posted by: Kristy

Calm down, gentlemen, she’s not really getting married.  She’s actually set to star in the upcoming film F***ING ENGAGED.  In it, she will play half of a married couple that make a pact to have sex every day before their wedding.  The goal is to not turn into their uptight parents.  It’s a “raunchy” comedy, but one would have to assume that title will be changed before the movie actually comes out.

I haven’t seen this movie (obviously), nor have I read anything about it, but here’s how it will go; the couple will make the pact and it will start out great, then there will be conflict and a hilarious montage, then they’ll find out their parents have sex all the time and the important thing about being married is to love and respect your spouse.

It’s not that I don’t have a lot of confidence in Biel’s script-choosing ability, but…

Jessica Biel

Source:The Hollywood Reporter


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