Jessica Biel is in talks for Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Jessica Biel often gets cast in an odd variety of genre movies. She’s done everything from television to the risque. There’s never just one place to put her, which works in her favor since it keeps her from getting typecast. Although Biel has had a few roles as the strong female love interest.

Aside from THE RULES OF ATTRACTION and POWDER BLUE, there hasn’t been much of a departure for her in order to grow more fully as an actress. Now that Biel is done with the remake of TOTAL RECALL, she might be signing on for something a little different in the indie drama, EMANUEL AND THE TRUTH ABOUT FISHES. If she takes the other leading female role, then she will play Linda, who has been completely traumatized by the death of her child and now cares for the baby doll as if it were actually alive.

Rooney Mara was originally set to take the other lead as 17-year old Emanuel, a girl who befriends Linda even going as far as taking care of her life like baby. She follows the ruse because Linda looks a lot like her mom.

Jessica Biel

Source: Variety

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