Jessica Chastain to play Princess Diana in Caught In Flight

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Given how quickly Hollywood pounces on hot topics, it almost seems odd that it has taken Hollywood so long to make a movie about the late Princess Diana.  Projects have been stewing for a while, but now it looks like a dark-horse contender might actually get their movie made first.  Director Oliver Hirschbiegel (the underrated DOWNFALL) will direct the film CAUGHT IN FLIGHT about Princess Diana’s affair with Dr. Hasnat Kahn and the subsequent breakup that left her in shambles.  It’s sure to be a controversial film as it will show Princess Di as emotionally unstable and damaged.  Steven Jeffreys (THE LIBERTINE) will be writing the screenplay.

What will help the project along is the fact that Jessica Chastain (THE TREE OF LIFE) will be chopping off her incredible red hair and dying it blonde to play Princess Diana.  Chastain has been the highlight of virtually every film she’s been in and this should be a good opportunity for her to shine in what sounds like a very tough role.  Shooting will start at the end of March.

Jessica Chastain

Source: Playlist

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