Jim Carrey and Steve Carell teaming up for Burt Wonderstone

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

On the season 7 finale of ‘The Office’, they paraded a series of celebrities through to interview for the vacant job left by Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell and one of the interviewees was played by Jim Carrey.  So even though they didn’t share any screen time together (Carell had already left the show by then), maybe they built a longing to work together.  Well, their dreams are coming true in the upcoming comedy BURT WONDERSTONE.  In the film, Carell plays Burt, a Las Vegas magician that finally breaks with his longtime stage partner to go out and make it on his own.  But he finds himself constantly upstaged by a hip street magician who is determined to steal all of Burt’s attention.

I guess if there’s a role that’s right for Carrey, it’s that of an attention-hungry performer.  TV director Don Scardino (’30 Rock’, ‘Rescue Me’) is directing the film, which probably won’t start shooting until next Spring.

Jim Carrey and Steve Carell

Source: Deadline

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