Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck find a buyer for I’m Still Here

Posted by: Nathan Swank

Does anyone remember when Joaquin Phoenix went all mountain man rapper on us while his brother-in-law Casey Affleck recorded the entire thing? Well if you don’t, consider yourself kind of lucky. Anyway, they have finally found a distributer of their mockumentary film I’M STILL HERE: THE LOST YEAR OF JOAQUIN PHOENIX in Magnolia Pictures.

You might remember Phoenix falling off stage after attempting a couple songs during a club performance or more notably his gum chewing careless demeanor stint on The Late Show, where David Letterman made fun of him the entire time. That was the most entertaining part and that was all Letterman. Magnolia president Eamonn Bowles says it’s a film he’s confident he can sell. I’m not that interested in seeing Phoenix and his debauchery but I am interested in seeing how successful it is. The shenanigans or meltdown film is to be released on September 10.

joaquin phoenix

Source: Deadline

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