Joe Cornish might take over Star Trek 3 from J.J. Abrams

Joe Cornish on the set of Attack The Block

While J.J. Abrams is struggling to make the tight deadline for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, Paramount is moving on from Mr. Lens Flare and have started the search for a director for STAR TREK 3.  While many names have been rumored for the coveted gig, it looks like Joe Cornish is going to get the job.  Cornish is best known for directing the critically acclaimed sci-fi-horror ATTACK THE BLOCK (that’s him above, in the middle), but has only been flirting with jobs since then.  Maybe he was holding out for a science fiction dream project?

Joe Cornish has turned down franchises in the past, including Die Hard and The Hunger Games, but it seems he’s feeling differently about Star Trek.  Cornish is good friends with Edgar Wright and has worked on the script for ANT MAN, so maybe that has inspired him to stretch his comfort zone a little and take on a bigger challenge.  Of course, all of this is in the very early stages, but if it all comes together, I think the Star Trek universe will be better for it.  I liked J.J. Abrams’ films more than most, but it will be nice to get a different director behind the lens on the third installment. (Deadline)

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