Joel Kinnaman joins Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace Child 44

Joel Kinnaman

With all the talk around Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace centering around ANIMAL RESCUE, I had almost forgotten that they were also looking to star together in CHILD 44.  It looks like the new BFF’s will be joined in the film by Joel Kinnaman.  The film is about a disgraced MGB agent (Tom Hardy) that’s investigating a child murderer that may have ties high up in the Soviet Union government.  Noomi Rapace will be playing his wife, who has her own secrets and Joel Kinnaman will be playing his rival.  I like the idea of setting this in Russia somewhere during Stalin’s reign (mid 20’s to 1953) and the historical setting should be a nice touch.

Richard Price wrote the script based off the book of the same name by Tom Rob Smith while SAFE HOUSE director Daniel Espinosa will be a the helm.  This will start shooting this summer, right after Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace finish up ANIMAL RESCUE. Joel Kinnaman can next be seen in the third season of ‘The Killing’ as well as the upcoming ROBOCOP reboot. (THR)

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