John Carpenter to direct Fangland with Hilary Swank

Posted by: Nathan Swank

Famous horror/sci-fi director, John Carpenter has agreed to direct FANGLAND based off the 2008 novel by John Marks. The story is a modern day Dracula film about Evangeline Harker, a producer for a television news magazine, who goes on assignment to Transylvania to investigate a notorious European arms dealer named Ion Torgu. Harker discovers Torgu has far more monstrous secrets than she bargained for. Two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank is hoped to star in the film.

John Carpenter has not directed a film in nearly 10 years but seems to be lining up the projects starting with THE WARD coming out in September. There hasn’t been a Dracula film in a while but with all the vampire craze recently it might be a good time to capitalize on the head blood sucker. With films like HALLOWEEN, THEY LIVE, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA under his belt, I think Carpenter should be able make this an entertaining flick. No word yet if his go to man, Kurt Russell, will play Torgu.

john carpenter

Source: ComingSoon

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