John Cusack, Luke Evans and Alice Eve in new photos from the Edgar Allan Poe film The Raven

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Even though the James McTeigue movie THE RAVEN, starring John Cusack, Luke Evans and Alice Eve, doesn’t open up until March 9, 2012, Relativity is in full marketing-mode and has released more pictures from the film. Below you can see John Cusack, who will portray the infamous poet Edgar Allan Poe, who is teaming up with a detective (Luke Evans) to track down a serial killer who is using Poe’s works as a basis for the killings. To make things even more interesting, the killer will kidnap Poe’s wife (Alice Eve) which would probably give Poe a bit more spark to where he would actually investigate instead of just writing about it.

I’ve really enjoyed James McTeigue’s previous works (V FOR VENDETTA and NINJA ASSASSIN), but I just can’t get excited for THE RAVEN. I think it could be a combination of general apathy towards Edgar Allan Poe and John Cusack and the fact that I really don’t like these dark serial killer, period pieces. I just have visions of that 2001 film FROM HELL with Johnny Depp swimming in my head and I get a bit squeamish.

John Cusack in The Raven

Luke Evans and John Cusack in The Raven

Alice Eve in The Raven

Source: Relativity Media

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