John Goodman will star opposite Denzel Washington in Flight

Posted by: Zack Bruce

John Goodman pops up every now and again. Goodman may have a relatively small part in a movie or does a guest spot on television, like he is right now on COMMUNITY. Seeing him on screen in any capacity is always a nice surprise.

So I’m happy to hear that the actor has a part in Robert Zemeckis’ FLIGHT alongside Denzel Washington. In the film, Washington stars as an airline pilot who averts a plane crash, then is faced with suspicion from others that he has a substance abuse problem. Goodman will play the role of his friend who helps him through his problem.

If you don’t watch COMMUNITY and would like to see more Goodman, you’ll get your chance when EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE with Tom Hanks comes out. The next opportunity will be in Ben Affleck’s ARGO. Quite a few dramatic flicks coming so maybe if you want some funny Goodman, you should be watching COMMUNITY.

John Goodman

Source: Deadline

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