John Krasinski will star in Matt Damon directed film

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

If you’ve been keeping up with movie news, then you know that Matt Damon has been not so secretly talking about adding another aspect of filmmaking to his resume. He’s been making moves to direct his first feature film (which may or may not end up being FATHER DAUGHTER TIME: A TALE OF ARMED ROBBERY AND ESKIMO KISSES, a thriller about a guy who’s accomplice is his own daughter and they end up running from the law together) and this week he revealed in an interview that he has already picked one of his stars. According to Damon, John Krasinski is his guy and Damon will start working on the film early next year, presumably after Krasinski finishes up his season on the office.

I personally can’t wait to see a Matt Damon directed film. I thought it was initially going to be THE TRADE (the one with the wife swapping Yankee pitchers) but FATHER DAUGHTER TIME sounds equally intriguing. I wish him well and hope he has as much success in this endeavor as his BFF Ben Affleck did.

John Krasinski

Source: Vulture

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