John Moore will be the one to direct Bruce Willis in Die Hard 5

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Finally a director has been chosen for DIE HARD 5. Out of the possible choices, John Moore (MAX PAYNE) will be the one to call the shots on the next chapter in the John McClane saga. Actually, Bruce Willis calls a lot of the shots. Moore’s just there hold the camera.

The director is in final negotiations to join the project as its helmer. Fox has a long, happy relationship with Moore but it turns out that he actually had to impress Willis before he got to the last stages. Moore’s love for John McClane and his ability to shoot non-CGI shots impressed the actor. This another project that Fox is looking to get out rather quickly. Well, they want to get it out before Willis does RED 2. Moore beat out Joe Cornish (ATTACK OF THE BLOCK), Justin Lin (FAST FIVE), and Nicolas Winding Refn (DRIVE) for the opportunity.

There is no start date or clear plot but the first location for filming will be Russia.

John Moore

Source: Deadline

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