John Travolta to star in The Forger

John Travolta

We haven’t seen much of John Travolta recently.  Other than last year’s disappearing SAVAGES, Travolta hasn’t done a film since the silly FROM PARIS WITH LOVE in 2010 and the down right terrible OLD DOGS in 2009.  It looks like the SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, GREASE man will be signing on to star in THE FORGER. Produced by Code Entertainment along side The Solution Entertainment Group, THE FORGER will be directed by Emmy Award-winning television director Philip Martin and plans to start shooting later this year.  John Travolta has an incredible resume, but I will always love him as Vincent Vega in PULP FICTION.  Travolta can next be seen in KILLING SEASON with Robert De Niro to come out later this year.

THE FORGER synopsis: Written by Richard D’Ovidio (THE CALL), THE FORGER tells the story of a former child art prodigy and second generation petty thief, Ray Cutter (John Travolta) who arranges to buy his way out of prison to spend time with his ailing son, only to be forced to change his plans and commit one last big job for the syndicate who financed his early release.

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