Johnny Depp and Bella Heathcoate on the set of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows

Posted by:Zack Bruce

I’ll confess I have never seen DARK SHADOWS. The original was a soap opera in the 60s and another version came out in the 90s. My Mom was a DAYS OF OUR LIVES kind of lady. She watched that thing religiously, still does.

Even though I may not know much about the series, I do have an idea of what a realistic vampire should look like and this is not it. I know that vampires are fictional creatures but they shouldn’t look like something off the K-Mart Halloween shelf. Johnny Depp and Bella Heathcoate were spotted on set for Tim Burton’s big-screen version of DARK SHADOWS. Depp is sporting a ton of sunscreen, I mean, make-up. I’ve been over Burton for awhile and hope he doesn’t mess this one up.

In the period film, Johnny Depp plays Barnabas Collins, a wealthy playboy that ends up breaking the heart of Agelique Bouchard (Eva Green).  Angelique happens to be a witch and she turns him into a vampire and buries him alive.  Centuries later, Barnabas is freed, only to return to his estate in 1972 to find it in ruins.  Michelle Pfeiffer, Bella Heathcoate and Helena Bonham Carter also star.

Dark Shadows set

Dark Shadows set

Dark Shadows set

Source: Comic Book Movie

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