Johnny Depp and Meryl Streep are in talks for Into The Woods for director Rob Marshall

Johnny Depp

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And for Rob Marshall, that “who” is Johnny Depp. Continuing with their epic and extremely profitable love affair, Disney is tapping Johnny Depp for the lead in the film adaptation of the musical INTO THE WOODS. The film interweaves several classic fairy tales and focuses on a couple that try to reverse a curse so they can conceive. INTO THE WOODS has been very popular on Broadway, picking up several Tony awards in 1988 and then again when it was revived in 2002. Disney is looking to pair Johnny Depp with Meryl Streep, who would be playing the evil witch.

Everyone involved has been in a musical before to varying degrees of success. Johnny Depp did SWEENEY TODD with Tim Burton, Meryl Streep did MAMMA MIA and director Rob Marshall found a lot of success with CHICAGO, but not so much with NINE. But with Disney behind the curtain, Marshall, Depp and Streep should find plenty of success. David Krane is currently working on the music for the film, but no start date has been announced. (Variety)


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