Johnny Depp being courted for Carter Beats the Devil

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I’ve heard nothing but great things about Glen David Gold’s 2002 novel ‘Carter Beats the Devil’, which follows the magician Charles Carter after he’s accused of murdering President Harding.  The people I know that have read it claim it’s one of the best books of the decade and has everything a great Hollywood movie should have.  So it’s only natural that Hollywood would try to prove them right (or wrong, depending on what studio gets it).  Tom Cruise had the rights for a while, but that didn’t work out and now Warner Brothers has the rights and want Johnny Depp to star as Charles Carter.  I guess if you’re going to go after something like ‘Carter Beats the Devil’, having Depp on your side helps.

The real question is; who will direct this?  This isn’t the kind of story that any director can jump into and WB only has relationships with a handful of directors that could pull it off.  Of course, Depp is only a pipe dream at this point and I’m sure other actors will come and go before this sees the light of day.  Michael Gilio is hard at work on the script, so more announcements should come in the next few months.

Johnny Depp

Source: LA Times

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