Johnny Depp close to signing on for a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES just crossed the $1 billion mark for worldwide ticket sales and it got me to thinking that there’s a lot you can buy with $1 billion; pride, integrity, standards, respect, loyalty, etc.  Before Stranger Tides was released, Johnny Depp took a stance that it was important for him that the films remain “special” and that they don’t rush into making a fifth film.  But then Stranger Tides went on to gross $1 billion and now those minor details like scripts, plots, quality, etc. don’t seem to matter as much as Jack Sparrow appears to be ready to sign on for yet another Pirates sequel.

There’s no director yet and the script is still being written by Terry Rosio, so it can’t be more than a detailed idea at this point.  Rob Marshall directed Tides, but it’s unlikely he’ll return as the studio is probably more inclined to insert some fresh blood into the franchise.  As for fellow stars Geoffrey Rush and Penelope Cruz, I’d guess we’ll see them again as Tides seemed to have set it up for their return.

But what I really want to know in all this is how much Depp will get paid for the fifth film.  As far as upfront money is concerned, Arnold Schwarzenegger received over $30 million for TERMINATOR 3.  If Depp’s agent has any guts, he’ll try to break that number and get a cut of the backend.  Depp could easily command $40+ million since without him, there is not Pirates franchise.


Source: The Wrap

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