Johnny Depp could also join Tom Hanks in Triple Frontier

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Earlier today, we learned that Tom Hanks was considering joining Kathryn Bigelow’s ensemble South American border pic TRIPLE FRONTIER and now we learn that Johnny Depp is also in talks to star in the film.  Again, we still don’t know what role either actor would be taking, but the prospect of two of the biggest names in Hollywood appearing in the same movie can’t help but get people excited for the film.  The film is being described as a crime drama and since it has an ensemble cast, I can’t help but think of Steven Soderbergh’s TRAFFIC.  Frontier is said to have five major roles, but only two of them are considered “leads”; those two would presumably be going to Hanks and Depp.

The question I have with this project (which might also be called SLEEPING DOGS) is whether or not Kathryn Bigelow is ready for a movie like this.  Overall though, TRIPLE FRONTIER is a movie we’ll be following closely, especially as plot details and casting decisions start to get set in stone.

Johnny Depp

Source: Deadline

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