Johnny Depp could replace Robert Downey, Jr. in Oz, the Great and Powerful

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

As a big fan of THE WIZARD OF OZ, I find it almost sacrilege to even think about remaking it, and although I’m not completely on board with Disney making a prequel to the film, I guess it could work if they had the right talent. Up until yesterday, that talent was Robert Downey, Jr. (which for the record I would totally be on board with) but apparently he has dropped out.  So Disney is on the lookout for another high-profile star to take on the Great and Powerful Oz and right now they’re looking at Johnny Depp. They have worked with him before and know that whatever he touches turns to gold (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN anyone), so they are going after him. Only problem is, if he boards this film, it’ll push back the time line on their other film in which he will star called THE LONE RANGER. So, now we wait and see what they do because OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL is further along than THE LONE RANGER and there is no actor yet attached other than Depp, so it could work out.

OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL will follow a young illusionist with big dreams and ideas who leaves a circus and gets swept to the land of Oz after a tornado whisks his hot balloon away. I have to admit, that sounds promising.

Johnny Depp and Robert Downey, Jr.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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