Johnny Depp reminds us he can act in the first Black Mass trailer

I’m not as quick to jump back on the Johnny Depp bandwagon as a lot of people were after checking out the first trailer for BLACK MASS, but I have to admit it’s nice to see Johnny Depp in a role that requires him to act again.  Of course, people said that about PUBLIC ENEMIES and that didn’t work out so well for anyone involved.  But it’s great to be reminded of what a great actor Johnny Depp can be in the right role.  The first trailer for the crime drama is almost more of an entire scene, but it sets the tone for the film and offers a ton of promise of what to expect this fall.  Depp is surrounded by a great cast, but the wild card might be director Scott Cooper.  He did a fine job with CRAZY HEART, but OUT OF THE FURNACE was a dud, despite the great cast.  Check out the first trailer for BLACK MASS below and see if you think this will get Depp an Oscar nomination.

The official BLACK MASS synopsis: In 1970s South Boston, FBI Agent John Connolly (Joel Edgerton) persuades Irish mobster James “Whitey” Bulger (Johnny Depp) to collaborate with the FBI and eliminate a common enemy: the Italian mob. The drama tells the true story of this unholy alliance, which spiraled out of control, allowing Whitey to evade law enforcement, consolidate power, and become one of the most ruthless and powerful gangsters in Boston history.  BLACK MASS stars Johnny Depp, Joel Edgerton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Bacon, Dakota Johnson, Jesse Plemons, Corey Stoll, Rory Cochrane, Sienna Miller and Adam Scott.  The Scott Cooper directed film hits theaters on September 18th.

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