Johnny Depp talks retirement and The Gingerbread Man

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Before you start freaking out, let me assure you that Johnny Depp is not on the verge of retiring anytime soon. In fact, I think there will be many more PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films in his future before he throws in the towel. No, he’s not retiring, but just talking about a couple of projects he’d like to do before he does. Feel better? There are a couple of book adaptations that he appears to seriously be mulling over and one of them is THE GINGERBREAD MAN by J.P. Donleavy. This is a book that has apparently been knocked around Hollywood for awhile but nothing has come to fruition, but according to Mr. Depp it is in the works. The story is of a light-hearted nature and follows a law student in Ireland who gets caught up in women, alcohol and gambling. The character is quite charismatic so it’s no surprise that Depp would gravitate towards it. No word on when this film will actually start production but we’ll keep an eye out.

On a side note, Depp said he wants to take on an epic role like King Lear or Don Quixote before he walks away from the industry. So when you hear that he’s going to be doing Shakespeare, that’s when you need to start saying your good-byes.

Johnny Depp

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