Johnny Depp willing to do a cameo on 21 Jump Street

Posted by:Kristy Sturdivant

Johnny Depp has said he is absolutely on board with doing a cameo for the upcoming reboot of 21 JUMP STREET and Jonah Hill has said he wants a cameo from Johnny Depp. But the problem is no one is contacting each other so even though all parties are willing, no trigger has been pulled. 21 JUMP STREET, based on the 80’s television show of the same name, follows undercover cops who look young for their age and infiltrate high schools to bring down crime.  The twist for the film is that the undercover cops start to get caught up more in the drama of high school instead of the drama of the police work.  21 JUMP STREET will star Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum but no other casting news has been announced but the film opens on March 16, 2012.

Would someone out there please call Mr. Depp and just ask him to come on board? Those headquarters on 21 Jump Street would just not be the same if Johnny Depp wasn’t there in some capacity.

Johnny Depp

Source: MTV

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