Johnny Knoxville not doing The Three Stooges

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Recently it was reported that Johnny Knoxville was in the lead to play Moe in the Farrelly Brothers next comedy THE THREE STOOGES, but turns out he is no longer involved with the project at all. Knoxville was indeed circling the role, but it turns out he was never offered the lead and so turned to other potential projects including the films FIRST MAN and MUSTACHE RIDERS. So who does that leave up for the role of Moe? Well if anyone cares, Hank Azaria is still a possibility for the role of Moe but it could really go any direction now. Good chance this will push back the shooting schedule again unless the Farrelly’s have someone in their pocket.

As for the roles that Knoxville is looking at, FIRST MAN follows a troublemaker whose wife becomes President and he causes all kinds of trouble, next is MUSTACHE RIDERS which follows three men who are talked into looking for some treasure by a guy to be played by Willie Nelson. Either of these films would work well for Knoxville and it may be a good move on his part to pass on THE THREE STOOGES.

The Three Stooges

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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