Jonah Hill welcomes newcomer Landry Bender to The Sitter

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

It’s always exciting when an unknown actor or actress gets a role in a major film, even if it is a little girl.  Landry Bender will join the long list of child actors that got their start playing an annoying, unruly child that torments an awkward adult.  Bender joins Jonah Hill in the upcoming comedy THE SITTER.  She will play the youngest of the three kids that Hill’s character agrees to babysit the kids that live next door to his single mom.  Before this, Bender had really only done some community theater work in Arizona.

David Gordon Green will direct the project and like I wondered when this was first announced; I can’t help but be curious as to how “R” Green is going to make this film.  He may keep it PG and go the UNCLE BUCK route, but given Green and Hill’s resume, I wouldn’t be surprised if they push the boundaries with this.

Jonah Hill

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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