Jonathan Demme circling Honeymoon With Harry starring Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

If you follow projects that are either in work, or on the verge of being in work, you hear about scripts that get really close, but can’t seem to get all the right pieces together.  Paul Haggis’s script HONEYMOON WITH HARRY is one such project that has been gestating for over seven years now.  It seems things might be changing for the script as it now has a studio, two actors and a director all swarming the script like buzzards.  If everything goes through, Jonathan Demme will direct Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper in the depressing drama.  It should be reiterated that at this point, all three have met with the studio, but none have signed onto the deal.

The film is about a womanizing playboy (Cooper) that meets the girl of his dreams and decides to settle down and marry her, against her father’s (De Niro) wishes.  But right before their wedding, she suffers a tragic death.  Grief-stricken, the guy goes on their planned honeymoon by himself with the goal of drinking himself to death.  But he also meets up with her father, who is there to spread her ashes on her favorite beach.  Just reading that makes me tear up.  And with the overly sappy Haggis behind the script, you can be sure they’ll milk all the emotion out of the audience they can.

Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper

Source: Deadline

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