Jordana Spiro joins Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage in Trespass

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Jordana Spiro is one of those actresses whose name I didn’t recognize and although her face was familiar, I couldn’t place what I’d seen her in.  But when I looked up her resume, I realized I’d seen her in a lot of stuff, I just didn’t know it.  She’s been around for well over 10 years and currently, she stars on the TV show ‘My Boys’.  Today she gets probably her highest profile role with a part opposite Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman in TRESPASS.  The Joel Schumacher film is about a group of thieves that kidnap a married couple.  Cage will play the leader of the thieves while Spiro will play his reluctant girlfriend.

The film sounds pretty basic at this stage and any time I see Joel Schumacher’s name attached to anything, I get weary.  But the whole kidnapping idea can be taken in many different directions, so there is opportunity for them to do something different.

Jordana Spiro

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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