Joseph Gordon-Levitt getting set for the action film Premium Rush

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a fan favorite around  He’s done some of our favorite films, from BRICK to 500 DAYS OF SUMMER.  Probably the greatest thing about him is his constant desire to choose new and creative roles.  You can say a lot about him, but the guy has range and likes to play different characters.  He’s set to expand his resume even further with the upcoming films PREMIUM RUSH and LOOPER.  Both would be a departure for the actor and both look like exciting opportunities.

PREMIUM RUSH is about a New York City bike messenger that picks up a package from a university and then races through the city as a dirty cop chases him down.  David Koepp wrote the screenplay and is set to direct the film for Columbia Pictures.  LOOPER is a science fiction film set in a future where time travel is possible.  Levitt would play a man sent back in time to kill an assassin that just happens to be himself.  LOOPER is the latest from Rian Johnson, who last directed Levitt in BRICK.  If Levitt officially signs on to both, he would do PREMIUM RUSH first and then go right into filming LOOPER.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Source: Heat Vision

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