Joseph Gordon-Levitt is rumored to be playing Batman in the Justice League movie

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman

There are rumors and then there are rumors.  Since the closing credits rolled on Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, rumors and speculations have been swirling about who would take over the Batman reigns from Christian Bale and whether or not Warner Bros. would go with a complete reboot or if they’d try to keep some continuity with Nolan’s films.  Fans immediately started clamoring for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to take a prominent roll and maybe even don the Batsuit, which is pretty much what the end of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES alluded to.  But loftiest of fanboy wishes had to do a reality check and accept that it was unlikely Gordon-Levitt would actually do a Batman film on his own.  Or is it…

The usually reliable (and experienced) Drew McWeeny over at Hitfix is reporting that not only will Joseph Gordon-Levitt “absolutely” play Batman in the long gestating Justice League movie, but that he and another actor from the Nolan Batman universe have signed deals to star in a film before the Justice League movie.  Obviously, he goes on to speculate that that film will be a Batman film, setting him up to star in the Justice League movie that will soon follow.  Or, it could be something as simple as Joseph Gordon-Levitt appearing at the end of the upcoming Superman reboot, MAN OF STEEL.  This would fit in nicely with what Zack Snyder said recently in that MAN OF STEEL will lead into a Justice League movie.

Right now, of course, this is just rumor.  If it were any other site, I’d say they were just trying to get some cheap traffic.  But this is a reliable source and so I’m inclined that his “inside sources” are legit.  I always questioned why Joseph Gordon-Levitt took that role and being set up to carry on the Batman franchise is a perfectly good explanation.  It makes sense to me.  What do you think?  Is it a good idea to keep the continuity with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or should WB just reboot the whole thing?

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