Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd are the rumored frontrunners for Ant-Man

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Almost three months ago to the day, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was rumored to be Marvel’s first choice to play the lead in their planned Dr. Strange movie.  And now, here his name is popping up again to be the frontrunner to play Henry Pym, aka ANT MAN in Edgar Wright’s upcoming film.  As I ranted in the article I wrote three months ago, anytime there’s a need for a young male lead, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s name will come up.  The guy is on one heck of a roll right now and taking the lead in a superhero movie is the obvious next step.  From the rumors, he has his choice of projects over at Marvel.

The other name being mentioned for the role might sound surprising, but given Edgar Wright has a knack for male leads that have to be serious and funny, it shouldn’t be.  Paul Rudd is supposedly neck and neck with Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the role and right now, those two names are the only ones on the table.  Of course, anything can happen between now and the time cameras start rolling.  Personally, I think either of them would knock it out of the park, but the fear with Rudd is whether or not audiences would take him seriously in a superhero film or if they’d have flashbacks to GREEN HORNET (which I didn’t think was that bad).  ANT-MAN is one of many huge films slated for 2015, due to hit screens on July 31st. (Variety)

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