Joseph Gordon-Levitt in talks to play Edward Snowden for Oliver Stone

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has enough credibility with movie fans that he can do just about anything he wants at this point and we’ll follow him. So when we learn that he’s looking to play Edward Snowden in an Oliver Stone directed film, we’re excited even if we groan at the thought of Oliver Stone directing another film. I love controversial films about controversial subjects, but not if it’s going to be a quickly thrown together story just to capitalize on current events. Unfortunately, that seems to be Stone’s calling card these days, but hopefully, this can be something more.

So let’s assume Stone gets a good script and can tell an even story (I know, big assumption). If that happens, then Joseph Gordon-Levitt could knock this out of the park. Snowden is such a controversial figure that illicit so many different emotions for Americans that are familiar with his story. I’ve talked to people that have opposite, yet passionate views feelings about what he did, who usually agree on things. If played right, it could be a challenging role for JGL. If he does, officially, sign on for it, Stone wants to start filming in December. (Deadline)

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