Josh Brolin to star in Spike Lee's Oldboy remake

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

An English-language remake of Park Chan-Wook’s fantastic OLDBOY has been floating around Hollywood for a while now.  There was a moment in time when it looked like Steven Spielberg was going to direct and Will Smith was going to star.  But as with the case with many big projects that have big directors and actors attached to them, it fell apart.  Then word came around that Spike Lee was going to try and resurrect his career by taking on the project, but no one was sure it was really going to happen.  Well, it looks like it’s moving full speed ahead as Josh Brolin has signed on to star in the role made famous by Min-sik Choi.

The real question about this version of OLDBOY is what direction are they going to take it.  The original Korean film put a different spin on the original Japanese novel.  Sceenwriter Mark Protosevich is said to be using both sources as inspiration for his script.  Either way, OLDBOY is a sick, twisted tale of revenge and one I’m not sure general American audiences are going to appreciate.

Josh Brolin

Source: Deadline

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