Josh Hartnett to star in Tomorrow for director Paul McGuigan

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Remember when Josh Hartnett was right on the brink of being an A-list superstar?  The year was 2000 and the world was a simpler place back then.  Hartnett was all the buzz because his mega-blockbuster, Michael Bay directed PEARL HARBOR was going to announce his arrival to the world the following summer.  Then the summer of 2001 hit and PEARL HARBOR did, in fact, announce his arrival to the world.  But the world didn’t react as kindly as everyone thought and Hartnett never really found a decent follow-up.  He’s done some good films since then (PEARL HARBOR wasn’t that bad), but he still doesn’t seem to be able to catch on to that elite status.

So he’s going to the well again and is going to be starring in Paul McGuigan’s science fiction thriller TOMORROW from writer Michael Gould.  Hartnett and McGuigan previously worked together on WICKER PARK and LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN.  In the film, Hartnett will play a man traveling through time, always trying to prevent his family’s murder.  Sounds a little like THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, but we’ll see.

Josh Hartnett

Source: Worldview Entertainment (via Twitter)

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