Josh Hutcherson wants shot at male lead in The Hunger Games

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

News has been circulating that Jennifer Lawrence seems to be a shoe in to play the female lead (Katniss Everdeen) in THE HUNGER GAMES and Alex Pettyfer was in the lead for the male lead Peeta Mellark, but that’s still not confirmed and now there’s a new up and comer baring his teeth for the role. Young star Josh Hutcherson, who stood out in last year’s THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT, has expressed a lot of interest in playing Peeta and claims to have read an early copy of the script (which Pettyfer still has not seen) as well as met with director Gary Ross. Hutcherson states, “I love Peeta. The character is so much who I am—self deprecating, a people person. And he’d be such a great character to play! Like in the third book? Oh my God.” There are most likely still quite a few guys in the running so we’ll keep you posted as we hear more about it.

So here’s where we want to hear from you. Who would make a better Peeta Mellark? Alex Pettyfer or Josh Hutcherson? Or if you think someone else is a better match let us know.

Josh Hutcherson

Source: EW

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