Joss Whedon talks about Mitt Romney and the zombie apocalypse

Before you watch this video, please take note that has not taken (or will take) a stand on the upcoming Presidential election between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. With that said, most of us on the site think Joss Whedon is fantastic, and if Joss Whedon puts anything out there we’ll watch it, which is why we are showing you this video. Even though one candidate is obviously being endorsed, the overall message is pretty humorous and I just had to share. It’s nice to know that people can still find humor in such serious times, thanks Joss Whedon.

For those out there who have yet to be converted into Joss Whedon fans, you can check out his latest films CABIN IN THE WOODS (click the link to read the review) as well as THE AVENGERS, both of which have been released on Blu-ray in the last month. And if you can take it, check out the video clip below.

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