Judd Apatow to produce new Paul Rudd movie

Posted by: Nathan Swank

MTV recently got a quick red carpet interview with Judd Apatow who reluctantly informed them that ANCHORMAN is still no closer to getting a sequel. However, he did have this to say about an upcoming untitled project:

“I’m producing a movie that Paul Rudd’s in that’s shooting in the fall which David Wain wrote with Ken Marino, and they’re going to announce that soon.”

Rudd, Wain and Marino are the same team that brought us ROLE MODELS, which I thought was hilarious. I like Rudd; he has some Midwestern roots that is a quality sorely lacking in Hollywood. I think this is a good reteaming and we should be in for another funny comedy.

rudd, wain, marino

Source: MTV

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