Julia Roberts in negotiations to play Evil Queen in Brothers Grimm: Snow White

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

It seems that every year or so, Hollywood latches onto an idea or topic and has a little face-off as to who can do it better and faster. This year we have two potential face-offs, the first is the Linda Lovelace biopics (the one with Malin Akerman INFERNO and the other with possibly Kate Hudson and James Franco called LOVELACE), the second is the show down of Snow White. First, you have SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN in which Charlize Theron is negotiating to play the Evil Queen and in the BROTHERS GRIMM: SNOW WHITE corner you have Julia Roberts taking on the same character. That’s right, Julia Roberts is in negotiations to appear in the Tarsem Singh directed film about the fair maiden and wicked queen. We’ll let you know when she’s been confirmed.

So now the question is, which Snow White will reign supreme at the box office? Who will be able to pull off evil more convincingly: Charlize Theron or Julia Roberts?

Julia Roberts

Source: Vulture

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