Julianne Moore joins Scarlett Johansson in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut

Julianne Moore

It seems weird given her incredible resume, but Julianne Moore still seems to be one of the most underrated actresses of her generation.  While Meryl Streep gets all the awards for pedestrian roles, Julianne Moore continues to challenge herself with edgy characters while sprinkling in a token romantic comedy here and there.  But even her rom-coms, like last year’s CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE, are quality films.  And yes, she has her duds like every actor, but even in her off roles, Julianne Moore gives a great performance.  And any time Julianne Moore joins a movie, it’s a boost to the film’s credibility and apparently, first time director Joseph Gordon-Levitt realizes this as well, which is why he cast her in his upcoming, untitled romantic comedy.

The film is about a modern day ladies man that decides he wants to stop being a jerk, especially to women.  Julianne Moore will play an unlikely mentor to Gordon-Levitt’s character that gives him advice on how to treat people.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt also wrote the screenplay, which at one time was called ‘Don Jon’s Addiction’.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be pulling overtime on the film, taking on directing, producing, starring and writing responsibilities.  The short and sweet synopsis isn’t much to go on, but Gordon-Levitt has been around long enough and has done enough quality films that we can’t help but be excited for his directorial debut.  It will also be nice to see Gordon-Levitt in a different type of role.

Julianne Moore joins another feisty, sometimes redhead in the film with Scarlett Johansson.  Scarltt’s role has yet to be clearly defined, but we presume she’ll serve as the catalyst for the lead male’s transformation.  We don’t know when the film will start shooting, but it probably won’t be until after Julianne Moore wraps up THE SEVENTH SON later this year. (Variety)

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