Juliette Lewis, Max Thieriot and Thomas Dekker take a road trip in Foreverland

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Juliette Lewis, Max Thieriot, Thomas Dekker and Laurence Laboeuf are joining director Maxwell MCGuire’s in the film FOREVERLAND. The story follows a young man (Thieriot) with cystic fibrosis who goes on a road trip with his deceased friends sister (Lewis) to Mexico to deposit his ashes at a healing shrine. The film will start shooting sometime in February and is being produced by Screen Siren Pictures and Bron Studio.

Sounds like a bit of a depressing story, but intriguing nonetheless.  Juliette Lewis is really a suburb actress who is never consistently seen in films.  She tends to pop in and out occasionally and sometimes manages to really steal the screen. I wonder why she hasn’t really taken off in big studio films, or if she’s just one of those actresses who tend to enjoy doing indie projects.  Either way, FOREVERLAND looks really interesting and one I’ll be on the lookout for in the next year or so.

Juliette Lewis

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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