Justice League vs. Teen Titans Blu-ray Review

At a certain point, the storylines for future DC animated universe movies are going to push the running time way past the meager 78 minutes we’re accustomed to. I’m not saying that JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. TEEN TITANS is lacking in content, if anything it handles the introduction of characters, the collection of two groups, and a massive super villain very well within the short runtime. I’m just saying that future movies like this, with lofty expectations and ambitions, will eventually need to be extended or broken up into two parts.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans

But once again, JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. TEEN TITANS is perfectly fine with its runtime; unless I’m confusing the craving for more DC content for the lack of it. In this movie, Robin (Stuart Allan) acts as the Trojan horse to the Teen Titans. Batman finds Robin’s presence burdensome after he mishandles a perilous situation. Of course if you’ve seen the previous movie, you know that Robin doesn’t play well with others or by the rules. Factor in his hormones, as well as the hormones of the other Teen Titans, and you got yourself a pint-sized superhero pissing contest.

Robin fights Blue Beetle/Jaime Reye (Jake T. Austin), argues with Beast Boy/Garfield Logan (Brandon Soo Hoo) and questions Starfire’s (Kari Wahlgren) leadership of the Teen Titans. For those who grew up on the cartoon, things are a bit different here in terms of age difference and structure. Of course this is a comic book movie, so established rules were thrown out the window years ago. But out of everyone, Robin doesn’t have a problem with Raven (Taissa Farmiga), but he does grow suspicious when he hacks Starfire’s computer, only to find out that Raven’s past is blank. Enter the bad guy.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans

Any villain that’s able to compete with the might of the Justice League, has to be nothing less than astounding. JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. TEEN TITANS actually begins with the Justice League fighting many established villains, including Lex Luthor, Weather Wizard, Toymaster, and others. So disposing the more well-known names out of the way, we get to meet Trigon (Jon Bernthal). He’s a formidable opponent for the simple fact he’s the DC equivalent of the Devil.

Like most of the DC animated movies, the action is fluid, fun, and evenly spread throughout. The animation is gorgeous, finding its strength in Beast Boy’s shapeshifting, Trigon’s hellish homeland, and Raven and Starfire’s magic. This also may be the best voiced animated movie in terms of DC. Jerry O’Connell (who actually voices Superman wonderfully), Jason O’Mara, Christopher Gorham, Shemar Moore and Rosario Dawson help bring the Justice League to life. As for the whole versus aspect, it’s a bit of a misleading title, but the battle does happen.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans

Depending on how much backstory and how epic they wanted the last battle to be, I could hav easily see this movie stretching to two hours, which I feel is adequate for two parts. DC did that with BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, and that is hands down one of the best DC animated movies out there. While JUSTICE LEAGUE VS. TEEN TITANS is great, it’s not going to make its way into the pantheon of the greatest. For that to happen, we need to let these more epic tales have some room to breathe.


Video: (1080p Widescreen 1:78:1) As with most of DC’s content, the animation is wonderful and it’s highlighted here on this spectacular blu-ray.

Audio: (English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1) The soundtrack, vocals, as well as the sound effects behind the action, come through clearly on this blu-ray.

Growing Up Titan (23:46): This is a wonderful feature taking a look at the background of the Teen Titans. It’s like a miniature documentary that glosses over the decades old history, but leaves you well-informed by the end.

Heroes and Villains: Raven (6:05): A biographical feature going over Raven’s past. Adds a bit more depth to the character and helps add meaning to her purpose to those not familiar with the Teen Titans.

Heroes and Villains: Trigon (5:17): My knowledge of Justice League villains isn’t deep so it’s interesting learning about this supernatural supervillain. The feature adds motivation outside his simple craving for destruction.

A Sneak Peek at DC Universe’s Next Movie: BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE (10:15): THE KILLING JOKE is considered one of the best comics, if not the best Batman comic. I’ve been excited about this movie since hearing about it and this feature gets me more excited for its release. For those who don’t know about it, but love Batman, it should have the same impact.

From the DC Comics Vault: As is customary for the DC animated movies, you’re given a selection of TV shows. This one has BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD and TEEN TITANS, and both are solid episodes from solid TV shows.



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