Justin Bieber gets Jon M. Chu to direct his 3D movie

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I’m still perplexed that Justin Bieber is even famous so there’s no way I’ll ever understand why they’re making a 3D “biopic” (side note: they can’t be using that term seriously…).  But today, the director of STEP UP and STEP UP 3D, Jon M. Chu has signed on to direct the film as he famously tweeted “It’s official…I have Bieber fever”.  Of course, he used all caps, but I’m not quite as excited as he is.  I don’t understand this and I know the kid has his fans, which is fine because we’ve seen tweens like this reach fame and then flame out, as they should.  But something’s different with him because I can’t see an 0unce of talent in him.  His voice sounds like a little kid imitating someone else that has talent.

But alas, this film is not made for us old-timers, it’s going to be made for the tweens that actually like him.  And I’m guessing it’s going to do quite well at the box office.  But seriously, they better hurry up and make this movie if they want to cash in on his fame.  I have a feeling the remainder of his fame can be measured in months.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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