Justin Timberlake and Catherine Zeta-Jones may join Bruce Willis in Lay the Favorite, Take the Dog

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Bruce Willis has been confirmed to star in the upcoming gambling film LAY THE FAVORITE, TAKE THE DOG which is based on a memoir by Beth Raymer. The story follows the ascension of internet gambling and follows a cocktail waitress who ends up becoming one of the biggest bookmakers in Vegas. The film will be directed by Stephen Frear and will have Rebecca Hall playing the female lead, Beth Raymer, Bruce Willis will play Dink who is a “professional gambler-in-shambles”, Justin Timberlake would play Rosie who is a Long Island bookmaker who works under Raymer and Catherine Zeta-Jones would play Tulip, Dink’s wife. Timberlake and Zeta-Jones are not completely confirmed but this film is coming together fast as shooting is going to start in April.

This actually sounds like a really great cast. I love Rebecca Hall as the lead. In my opinion, her performance in THE TOWN was pretty spectacular and one of those unsung performances of last year and I’m anxious to see her in more films soon.

Justin Timberlake and Catherine Zeta-Jones

Source: Vulture

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