Justin Timberlake joins Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams in Trouble With The Curve

Justin Timberlake

I doubt there’s too many people out there questioning Justin Timberlake’s acting chops, but if there are, then the next couple of years should clear things up.  Mr. JT has INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS with the Coen Brothers already set and now he’s going to be going toe to toe with none other than Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams in TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE.  Robert Lorenz is set to direct the film about an aging baseball scout (Eastwood) that sets out on a trip to find the next great baseball phenomenon with his daughter (Adams).  Although I’d like to see Timberlake throw a fastball as much as the next guy, he won’t be playing a player.  Instead, he’ll be playing a rival scout that has a thing for the daughter.

This sounds like a great move for Timberlake and should continue to propel his career upward.  This will be Lorenz’s first directorial effort although he was the second unit director on several Eastwood films, including MILLION DOLLAR BABY and MYSTIC RIVER.  Shooting is set to start this fall.

Source: Deadline

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

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