Kate Beckinsale looking to join Colin Farrell in the Total Recall remake

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

At this point in the process, we obviously don’t know how closely Len Wiseman will follow Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 version of TOTAL RECALL, but I’m a little surprised to see Kate Beckinsale has been offered the role of Lori.  In the original, Lori was the wife of Douglas and was played by Sharon Stone.  It wasn’t a very big role in the original, but it may be expanded in the remake.  But no one should be surprised to see Beckinsale attached to the role in some capacity, after all, she is married to the director (Wiseman).  Beckinsale hasn’t officially accepted yet, but it looks like she will.  The role that everyone seems to want is that of Melina, which is who Douglas “dreams” up when he gets to Mars.

At this point, the only confirmed role is that of Douglas, which will be played by Colin Farrell (originally played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Bryan Cranston in the villain role.  Like you, I’m sick of all the remakes and reboots, but if they do something different with it, a fresh look at TOTAL RECALL could be a good time.

Kate Beckinsale

Source: Deadline

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