Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio take us back to a familiar embrace on the Titanic 3D poster

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Does anyone remember 1997? One thing you might remember the most from that year is James Cameron’s TITANIC. I remember all the girls in my high school freaking out over the romance and how “hot” Leonardo DiCaprio was. There was no thing they were obsessed with more then that movie.

Well now that we’re all adults it looks like it’s time to revisit that timeless tale. Cameron made a decent amount of change for that film. It was the highest grossing film of all time, well until Cameron’s other film AVATAR hit theaters. That guy knows how to go big. Now he’s decided to go big again by re-releasing TITANIC and adding a little 3D action to it.

The 3D poster for the film is obviously not 3D but it does focus on the most important part of the film. No, it’s not the boat, it’s Kate Winslet and DiCaprio. Queue all the girls swooning.

Titanic 3D poster

Source: THR

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