Kate Winslet is set for The Dressmaker

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet had a busy 2011, starring in CONTAGION, CARNAGE and the HBO miniseries MILDRED PIERCE, but since then she’s been kind of quiet, only popping up quickly in the atrocious MOVIE 43.  But the very talented British actress has several projects in the pipeline, including the Jason Reitman directed LABOR DAY, which will hopefully hit later this year, along with A LITTLE CHAOS and DIVERGENT, which is currently filming.  You can add THE DRESSMAKER to the list of projects as well as Kate Winslet has just signed on to star in the adaptation of Rosalie Ham’s novel.  The film will be directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse, who hasn’t directed anything since A THOUSAND ACRES back in 1997.  Production on the film starts this fall.

The official synopsis of Rosalie Ham’s novel: After twenty years away, Myrtle Dunnage returns to Dungatar. Dungatar is a small country town, where the townspeople’s eccentricities are many and varied – from Sergeant Farrat’s predilection for cross-dressing, to pharmacist Almanac’s retributive scheme of potion dispensing, not to forget the affairs and assorted dark secrets. But none of these can compare to the sin of Tilly (Kate Winslet) and her mother: to have come from somewhere else. At first ostracized, the townspeople gradually accept her in order to make use of her extraordinary dressmaking skills and, at last, Tilly feels that she might have found home. But small towns are strange places, where vanity rules, and, once again reviled, she sets out to teach the town a lesson. In the process she faces the ghosts of her past, and wreaks a havoc that provides a most satisfying revenge. Peopled with exotic characters, this is a story of love, hate and haute couture, set in a country town that’s disconcerting to visit but a bitingly comedic and heart-breaking place to live. A warm and nasty book, THE DRESSMAKER evokes Drysdale’s ‘Drover’s Wife’ dressed in Chanel. (GoogleBooks) (ScreenDaily)

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