Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster and Christoph Waltz set for God of Carnage

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Roman Polanski is set to bring the Tony-award winning play GOD OF CARNAGE to the big screen and has assembled a heck of a cast to help him do it.  Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz and Matt Dillon will play sets of parents that meet when their kids get into a schoolyard fight.  Things go wrong when each set attacks the other and eventually, they turn on each other when their own marriage problems get brought to light.  James Gandolfini, Marcia Gay Harden, Jeff Daniels and Hope Davis originally starred in the long running play.  The play is a laugh out loud comedy, which makes it odd that Polanski would tackle this project.  My only fear is that he’s going to try to make this a drama.

The play is set in Brooklyn and it’s believed the film will also be set in Brooklyn, despite the fact that all the filming will be done in Paris.  Polanski, as you’ll remember, can’t enter the United States on the account he raped a 13 year-old girl in 1977.

Kate Winslet

Source: Deadline

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