Katherine Heigl joins New Year's Eve to replace Halle Berry

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

It’s been reported that Katherine Heigl (LIFE AS WE KNOW IT) has replaced Halle Berry in the upcoming Garry Marshall romantic comedy NEW YEAR’S EVE. As you may remember, Heigl dropped out of the supernatural romance ADALINE because she wanted to spend more time with her recently adopted daughter. NEW YEAR’S EVE has such a large ensemble cast that there’s a good chance Heigl will not be required to do a long shoot for the film. In the movie, her character will end up getting together with Jon Bon Jovi. NEW YEAR’S EVE should be in pre-production and filming should get underway soon if it hasn’t already.

I know there are a lot of Katherine Heigl haters out there, but I like her. I especially like her in romantic comedies, except for THE UGLY TRUTH which was just bad in general.  I think she’ll be a good addition to this film and maybe seeing her in small doses will improve her image a smidge.

Katherine Heigl

Source: Deadline

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